About Me

Hello! I’m Shelby and I show sober women how to build the confidence they need to pursue their desires beyond recovery.

From Dream


I have seen a significant increase in the amount of sober women struggling with stress and anxiety.

Smart, high achieving, successful sober women who are missing out on promotions, field trips with their kids or dates with hot partners. Missing out on LIFE!

They have read the books, watched the videos and been to doctors yet still no relief. They are desperate for natural ways of healing!

I knew my clinical expertise and personal recovery story would help them...And now I am doing just that!

A Closer Look

My family lives in Fallston, Maryland. We are blessed to be close to family, a few hours from the ocean and the mountains.

Two of our kids are in high school, one in middle and they are growing and developing through a variety of organized activities, family time traveling and in their church

Being involved in our church and community is really important to us. We know one of the best ways to stay connected spiritually is to serve others, so we look for any opportunities we can.

My husband Ryan is my best friend. We’ve been married for over two decades and I still look forward to our regular date nights! We are both passionate about our family, our God and our work.

Let Me Help You Along Your Journey

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The Top 3 Things Sober Women Need For Confidence In Recovery downloadable guide is your first step.

Self Paced Course

My course gives you step by step instructions on calming the brain the the body to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

1 on 1 Support

I designed this program for serious action-takers who want to transform from feeling unsatisfied, overwhelmed, anxious and afraid TO calm, capable, confident and free.

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