You can have healthy relationships AND be the more CONFIDENT version of yourself.

Discover what emotional sobriety will do for your relationships, for your health and your mind as you build the confidence


Going through your day feeling more in control.

Having the confidence to be vulnerable with your partner, intuitively now how to handle emotions.

Finally owning your value and asking your boss for the raise or promotion.

A night that's filled with rest instead of worries.

"I really enjoyed the interaction both with Shelby and the other women in recovery and felt I could relate to their experiences as well. I appreciated the individual personal response that Shelby gave to each woman who shared, myself included! I've decided to join the Sober Freedom Inner Circle to see if I can take this to the next level. Especially in a pandemic when it is hard to connect with other women in person, I think this new support and connections will help me and perhaps I can also help others in the process."

- Laurie


A life in recovery without anxiety is possible! I have experienced the power of natural healing through my own journey to wellness and calm.

In the SOBER FREEDOM TRANSFORMATION you will learn the practical natural methods that have worked for so many to move from fear to confidence.

What will your life will be like with this level of peace and calm. What will you do with the things you've been missing out on?

Discover It Today


This 6 Month GROUP COACHING COURSE is a step-by-step system where you will naturally overcome your crippling negative thought patterns, sleep problems, unhealthy relationship patterns and physical health issues, using the best tools from the fields of psychology, nutrition and spiritual wellness.

2 Payments Of $1198.50

1 Payment of $2,397

Module 1: Eliminate Negative Thinking Patterns

Dramatically reduce anxiety by and build confidence with powerful thought stopping techniques, so you can change resulting feelings and behaviors.

Module 2: Leverage Your Personal Strengths

Take control of your mind by knowing what you believe in and making decisions through that lens. We'll get your core values in alignment.

Module 3: Transform Your Daily Habits and Routines

We focus on a few specific areas for improvement to create disciple in your life, and make improvements in sleep, health and self-care.

Module 4: Get Connected With An Energy Source

Learn effective and practical grounding techniques you can use anywhere to calm your mind and body and explore your own personal sense of spirituality.

You will have everything you need to apply the NATURAL methods for healing and wellness.

Self-Paced Course

Group Coaching Every Week

Voxer Access


Reduce Anxiety With Food Ingredients [Video Training]

A Week Of Anti-Anxiety Dinners [PDF]

Essential Oils For Anxiety Diffuser Recipe Guide [PDF]


Let’s Get Started

Hi, I'm Shelby!

I believe the combination of therapeutic intervention, deep understanding of personal values, solid grounding techniques and a sense of purpose creates the perfect foundation for healing and wholeness.

The women in my private practice and online who have struggled with life beyond recovery, anxiety, chronic sleep disruption, unfulfilling even abusive relationships, and a lack of confidence from the stories they have told themselves for years, have inspired me to show up more!

They have been frustrated and disappointed by the medical model because they weren't getting the relief they needed. And often they felt dismissed or shamed by their doctors when they finally reached out for help. They have had therapists they couldn't relate to and who they felt were not giving them tools.

By applying the natural methods I teach in this Confidence, Courage and Clarity Transformation, they are now living sober lives with a deeper understanding of managing difficult emotions, how to take control of their anxiety, and the confidence they need to pursue their desires and love their lives.

Every time I am able to watch a woman transform, I feel honored that they have trusted me to be their guide. I look forward to helping you experience the freedom of going from chaos to calm!

"In just a couple sessions I have learned so much about nutrition and setting reachable goals in steps. Shelby is very easy to talk to and encourages me every step of the way. I not only feel healthier, but also better about myself."

Susan R.


"In just a couple sessions I have learned so much about nutrition and setting reachable goals in steps. Shelby is very easy to talk to and encourages me every step of the way. I not only feel healthier, but also better about myself."

Susan R.




Talk Therapy

Deep Breathing

Yoga or Prayer

You Are Ready For More


Some traditional methods may work for a time, by themselves, however they are not looking at you wholistically.

These interventions are not combining the brain, body and spiritual realm and therefore don't bring the calm you need to live a peaceful life, free from anxiety. In the Confidence, Courage And Clarity Transformation intensive 8-Week Program, you will discover a process for healing that is natural and sustainable for a lifetime.

With constant support from ME, someone who has walked the walk!

“Throughout a tragic event in my life, Shelby helped me in the healing process significantly as she helped build up my self-worth, giving me the confidence to persevere and get through tough times with gratitude, prayer, and grace. I’m so thankful I met her and I continue to see her, just to check in and keep myself grounded during all of life’s day to day obstacles.”

- Erin T.